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owner + artist

Megan Miller is a fine art calligrapher, stationer, and graphic designer. Originally from Dallas, Megan is currently based in Oklahoma City and works with clients around the world. 

She loves serving couples by creating custom stationery and signs for their wedding. If you're engaged and wanting to celebrate your marriage with a day that is as unique and beautiful as your relationship, Oh Honey Paper Co. invitations and calligraphy are the perfect way to set the tone.

In addition to wedding work, she enjoys supporting small businesses by designing brands that help them grow and flourish. If you're a business owner and wanting the image of your company to reflect the passion and purpose behind it, Megan's personal approach to branding and stationery will get you there.  

The heart behind all of this is to add beauty to the world, to notice it everywhere, and to call it out in people, things, and places. With this in mind, Oh Honey Paper Co. teams up with families who are adopting to help fundraise. If you are in the process of adoption and need financial support, Megan will walk alongside you and create hand-lettered prints that reflect your story, with 50% of the proceeds going directly to your family.



kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul + healing to the bones. proverbs 16:24